My roof is leaking!!! Follow these steps and it will pay off. 

1. Don’t panic and be ready to be patient. Let the storm pass!  The best roofers are rarely able to come out immediately but it’s worth the wait. 

2. Talk to your trusted roofer about the nature of the leak and what steps you can take to minimize further damage to your home. 

3. Stop the spread of water. If the attic is safely accessible, place a container to catch the flow or drip. You can also use towels to absorb the moisture if it is a slow trip in hard to access area. 

4. Poke a hole in the drywall ceiling. If the source of the drip cannot be located in the attic, the next best thing is to keep the water from “spider webbing “ making a drywall repair more difficult and expensive. Get an object with a sharp point and poke a hole in the middle of the water mark or drip area allowing the water to drip feeling into a container. 

5. Once this is done, wait patiently for a roofing Pro to perform a long term repair at the roof surface.