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If your house got damaged in the last storm, we’re ready with tarps and covers to protect your roof from further damage. We can also provide you with an estimate for the repairs so you can make an informed decision for taking care of your house.

Signs of Storm Damage

Most signs of storm damage are pretty obvious. If you see shingles scattered around your yard after a storm, then your roof will need repair. Another sign of storm damage is water stains on your ceiling, especially if you know there’s no plumbing in that part of your house.

If you notice any of these signs of storm damage around your home, contact us! We provide free inspections and estimates before you decide to hire us. If you do use our services, we’ll provide prompt, efficient and quality repairs so your house stays safe for years to come.

Types of Storm Damage

Wind Damage

In Tennessee, one of the most common types of damages we repair is wind damage. Even though roof shingles are designed to withstand extreme weather, normal wear and tear will make shingles more vulnerable to damage during storms.

In addition, faulty installation techniques will also make shingles more susceptible to damage. That’s why we’re constantly training our team to use the most effective, efficient, and thorough roofing techniques so your roof will stand the test of time.

Hail Damage

Tennessee doesn’t usually see widespread hail storms, but when it does fall, it causes a lot of damage. Hail size usually depends on the strength of the storm, but most of the time it will range from pea-sized to quarter-sized. 

After the storm, hail damage might look like random craters all over your roof and should be repaired quickly after the storm. If left unfixed, your shingles will become more fragile, making your roof more vulnerable to leaks and other complications. 

Additionally, if you don’t file a claim with your home insurance in a timely manner, your insurance may not cover your costs.

Fallen Trees and Debris

Storms often cause trees to fall over and damage your roof. Even if a tree doesn’t break through your roof, the trunk and branches will still scrape away shingle granules. The shingles might even get dislodged and fall out of place during the debris removal process.

Water Damage

Hail, debris, and wind from storms can all weaken the protection your shingles provide. If a leak springs, it can lead to water stains on your ceiling and mold in your attic. If left untreated, it can lead to serious and expensive damage down the road.

Can I Use Insurance to Pay for Storm Damage Repair?

Roofing repairs, siding repairs, and gutter repairs aren’t easy to pay for out of pocket for most of our customers. So, we will work with your insurance to cover as many of your damage repairs as possible. 

Remember to call your insurance so you can work with an insurance adjuster so you’ll know how much of the damages will be covered.

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