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Preventing water damage from roofing leaks is the biggest reason to start roof repairs or replacement. Tennessee storms are unpredictable, so you never know what time of year a big storm will pop up and damage your roof. 

Or maybe, it’s your roof was installed improperly with just a few areas that were slightly out of place. Even the smallest gap in your roof can let water leak in and begin causing damage.

Damage might not even be the main cause of the leak. Typically, a well-built roof will last for years. So, if your house is older, it may just be time to replace your roof.

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What Causes Roofing Leaks?

Damage from Winds

The number one reason we repair roofing leaks is the storms in Tennessee. Wind damage flips shingles up and causes creasing and can even cause them to tear away with high enough gusts. Flashings can also get damaged if the winds are high enough.

General Wear and Tear on Flashings

Apart from external damage, flashings are another vulnerable area of your roof. Over time, the flashing sealant can erode, which lets the flashing peel away from the roof and allow water to seep through. Flashings may also crack or warp with time and during heavy storms.

The flashings around your chimney are another vulnerable spot on your roof. Especially for brick and mortar chimneys. Even if your chimney has flashing material installed, water can still seep behind it, erode the mortar, and cause a leak.

Faulty Valley Installation

Another problem we often see is improper installation and sealing of roof valleys. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a valley is where two sections of your roof meet. The slope from that corner is called a valley. These areas must be specially protected from leaks with large seals. When sealed improperly, rain water will wash under the shingles and leak into your home.

Vent Leaks

These important features for your roof keep your attic cool and provide essential airflow for your home. In order to protect your attic space from leaks, vents are sealed with special flashing and a rubber boot over where the vent comes through the roof.


Not only does the frame of a skylight cause more weak spots for water to potentially leak through, but the panes of the window can be weak spots too. If you spot any signs of fogging or mildew in your skylight, it’s a sign that your roof needs some attention.

Gutter Problems

Finally, if your house is surrounded by trees, you should make sure your gutters are clear. Clogged gutters fill up with runoff and can overflow behind gutters and under your shingles. You might think you need new gutters, but really it has to do with how the roof was installed, especially the drip edge.

If you do need gutters, we’re happy to install them for you after taking care of your roof.

Signs Your Roof Is Leaking

If you haven’t seen water stains on your ceiling yet, there are several other signs that your roof is leaking. You might also see damp spots in your drywall, and the paint in your house might begin bubbling and peeling. 

Seams in your house are the most likely spots to see moisture gather. For example, look around your air vents and hanging fixtures in your home for any water along the edge. And as we mentioned, skylights can be another weak spot to check for a leak.

Take a look at the walls inside and outside your house. Any dark spots, mold, or algae growth is a sure sign that your roof is leaking.

How to Avoid Roof Leaks in The Future

When you work with a licensed roofing company, the entire installation process must meet certain standards to prevent leaks and even improve energy efficiency. Other roofing companies may look at a valley leak and only repair what they see. With Witaker Roofing Co., we work from the bottom up to find and seal any leaks.

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