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Together, our team has been providing consistent and efficient roofing and exterior home services for our clients in Middle Tennessee for over 15 years. Our team has grown over the years so we can provide replacement options for gutters and siding. With the unpredictable Tennessee storms, our projects often include repairing storm damage and working with insurance to give you quality and covered services.

We believe in going the extra mile for all of our clients. If you’ve had leaks show up again and again, or have a special request for your new exterior, just let us know. We’re happy when you’re happy.

Roofing Insurance Claims

Most home insurance policies include roofing coverage. However, they usually only provide coverage in the event of damage due to weather or an accident. Most policies don’t cover normal wear and tear. But, some might. So, if your roof has been damaged due to one of our Tennessee storms, your replacement roof might be covered!

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Fixing the Unexpected

Storms in Tennessee pop up all the time. Most of the time, they’re not strong enough to cause terrible damages. However, every now and then it surprises all of us. Especially in the spring when straight-line winds sweep through Middle Tennessee. Damages vary from storm to storm, but even the tiniest punctures can lead to expensive repairs if left unchecked.

If you’re worried about storm damage, call Whitaker Roofing Co. We’re a local family-owned business, and we know exactly what to look for after a Tennessee storm. We’ve been serving Middle Tennessee for over 15 years, and our owner and founder is a Tennessee native.

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Reliable, Trustworthy and Efficient

Whitaker Roofing Co. is Middle Tennessee’s most trusted roofing company for a reason. When you need a roof replacement, we’ll take the load off of your shoulders with our prompt, high-quality service. So whether your roof was damaged in a storm or you’re doing a remodel, call Whitaker Roofing Co.

Visit our roof replacement service page to learn more.

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Brand New Exteriors

You might not think too much about the outside of your home, but exterior siding on homes puts up with a lot of punishment. Especially in Tennessee. We have heavy rains, straight-line winds, and tornados that threaten our homes every year. Anyone of these weather events can damage your home’s exterior. Not to mention that as time goes on, direct exposure to sunlight bleaches and wears away siding.

Visit our siding replacement page to learn more about our services and when you should get your siding replaced.

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Thorough & Efficient Leak Repair

When you notice water dripping from your ceiling, it’s already too late and the damage is done. Even small amounts of water damage from leaks in your roof or siding can lead to expensive repairs down the road. When you notice a leak, call Whitaker Roofing Co.

With almost 20 years of roofing experience, we know how to thoroughly find and repair leaks. And we won’t stop even if it’s hard to find.

Visit our Leak Repair page to learn more about our services.

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Made for All Weather

We’re happy to provide gutter installation services because protecting your house from rain doesn’t stop when it hits your roof. Gutters are important because they direct the runoff from your roof away from your home’s foundation. If left undirected, the draining water will erode the ground around your home and lead to settling in your foundation.

If your house does not have rain gutters installed, you should get them installed soon. If you have rain gutters already, you should inspect and clean them regularly.

If your gutters were damaged in a Tennessee storm, we can replace them. Visit our gutter replacement page to learn more.

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Awards & Achievements

For 15+ years, Whitaker Roofing Co. has provided nothing but the best. Middle Tennessee’s most trusted roofing company has been the proud recipient of various awards and achievements throughout its history, reflecting its dedication to workmanship and customer service.

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